Compare private jet travel to commercial travel

Speed: When going on a private jet, a person will arrive to his or her destination quickly. On the other hand, when flying commercial, a traveler will have to arrive at the airport early and go through a long security line. After that, most people will mill around the terminal for an hour or two.…


10 Facts You Don’t Know About Private Jets

Private jet charters NY let you arrive in style, but do you know all there is to know about private jets? These interesting facts give you something to think about when you are booking your private jet charters NY. Hundreds of private jets fly to the Super Bowl each year. The event is the most…


Air travel safety

When flying, a person will enjoy getting to his or her destination fast. Furthermore, it is, by far, the safest long-distance transportation option. In fact, when driving or taking a train, one is at an increased risk for both injury and death. Even with terrorism fears, flying is extremely safe and will continue to be…


Aircraft sales

Jets Las Vegas: Sales Still Down Though asking prices have been driven up in the last five months, aircraft sales insiders report a continuing year-over-year downward trend for actual sales. Transactions for the first nine months of 2013 were down 3.2 percent, and another month was added to the average time on the market. This…



Eric Holder Speaks Out On American And US Airways

Commercial airlines are taking note as U.S Attorney General Eric Holder continues to establish a tough, no-nonsense public persona. The government is suing in federal court to block a merger between American Airlines and US Airways. If this merger goes through, it will create the largest commercial airline in the world. Holder spoke out about…



The FAA Ends Mobile Device Restrictions

Recently, the FAA announced new regulations that will greatly change the flying experience for airline travelers. For the first time in fifty years, the FAA will allow airline passengers to use portable electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. Without adequate evidence, the FAA long believed that interference from electronic devices could interact dangerously with cockpit…



Baggage Checking Fees To Dominate Airline Travel

Recently, Southwest Airlines hinted that it might start charging for baggage checking. Southwest is the last major airline holding out after checking fees have become standard throughout the commercial airline industry. To date, Southwest has gotten a lot of mileage out of its hold out status, emphasizing its free baggage checking in a number of…



Corporate Jet Sales Exceed Industry Expectations

According to the economic analysts at Honeywell, sales of corporate jets should grow by eight percent in 2013. Total annual sales income for the industry is on track to exceed $18 billion, which would represent very respectable growth. It is no secret that sales of corporate and private jets suffered for much of the last…